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The Shipping Experts                          International Shipping
Need an Experienced International Shipper?
The Packaging Store can get it done!

Whether your shipment needs to get to its destination by land, sea or air, The Packaging
Store’s friendly & experienced shipping personnel can assist you in obtaining an
economical quote quickly and navigate through International Shipping Regulations and
Export requirements as well as provide the Packaging expertise necessary so that your
shipment arrives at it’s destination safe, secure and on time.

Shipping internationally is a specialty in itself. We have the experience to see your personal
or business shipments arrive at their destination safely whether by Ocean Freight or Air
Freight. We specialize in small moves that go LCL (less than container load) and can also
load and ship whole ocean containers.

Plus, our safety records for cargo shipment delivery have exceeded all industry standards -
99.8% damage-free!

Whatever you call it -- overseas shipping, worldwide shipping or international shipping, The
Packaging Store can get it done!

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