Who are you and why have I not heard of your network before?
We are a network of over 150 locations nationwide. Most of our business has been through our Commercial National Accounts which
is comprised of many of the major transportation and moving companies. This has allowed us to keep our advertising costs down,
allowing us to be competitive.

Our company's equipment is extremely delicate and very expensive. Is your company experienced in handling and shipping this?
Our network is very experienced and is used to handling expensive electronic equipment such as expensive Servers, Switches, and
Medical Equipment.

How are you different from a regular packing, shipping and mailbox outlet?
Our commercial locations offer services that these other outlets don't. i.e. on-site packing and crating, foam-in-place custom packing,
container loading and unloading and most of all our transportation options go far beyond the limitations of UPS and Fed-Ex.

We have a lot of Antiques that need special packing and crating. Can you do this?
From a delicate Faberge to a Picasso. Grandfather Clocks to Family Heirlooms. We are experienced, insured and the experts you are
looking for.

What's the advantage of using your company over others which offer similar services?
The obvious advantage would be that you'll be working with a company that offers the largest network of its kind. Our network's better
buying power in conjunction with our experienced specialists in various packing, shipping and moving services will bring you the best
value for your money.

How can you assist me with my household move?
At www.thepackagingstore.com our on-site estimator would qualify you for the best moving option based on the service level and your
budget. You could contact a major full service moving company in your area ie. Mayflower or United Van Lines and should your move
not meet their minimum requirement, you may ask them for the nearest Commercial Packaging Store that will be glad to serve your
small load moving needs.
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